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Downlighting Highbay  Linear — Exit & Emergency — Architectural Troffers 


Site & AreaFloodlights Street & Parking


Retrofit  Railing — Accent


Retrofit Fixtures and Lamps

All of our retrofit lines in one central location. Lower installment and labor costs by using our lines.

Site & Area Fixtures

General purpose outdoor lighting. Canopy, pole, and chain mounted fixtures. Retrofit and new install available.

Street & Parking Lighting

We have fixtures for all outdoor areas. Bright white light to safely illuminate streets and parking lots.

Floodlight Fixtures

We have all of your outdoor needs covered. Street lighting, wall wash, canopy, and general purpose flood/area lights.

Downlight Fixtures

General purpose downlighting. We offer fixtures for both new install and retrofit applications.

Highbay Fixtures

High/medium/low bay fixtures for all applications. Great for gymnasiums, warehouses, stadiums, and more.

Linear Fixtures and Lamps

General purpose indoor lighting. Solutions for offices, retail spaces, hospitality areas, and schools.

Troffer Fixtures and Bulbs

New install and retrofit troffers. Standard sizes for all applications.

Exit & Emergency

We carry emergency & exit fixtures that meet all local codes. Backup batteries and ballasts available.

Accent Lighting

Add flair to your space. Customize to your exact needs, any color and wattage.

Railing Fixtures

Stunning outdoor and indoor railing lights. Turn your sidewalks into elegantly-lit walkways.