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Acolyte – LED strip lighting and other luminaries for commercial and residential applicactions

Acolyte provides cutting edge LED lighting technology, but also goes a step further by providing the expert guidance to make sure that your vision becomes a reality. They only source the highest-quality components, which leads them to provide the highest-quality products. The latest in LED technology for variable white light and dial-up CRI. Acolyte’s technology spans from waterproof conformal coated PCBs to fully integrated LED control systems.

Alset – Complete line of LED lamps, troffers, canopies, highbays, T8 retrofit tubes and downlights

After years of success with the NuWave Oven and NuWave PIC, NuWave, LLC has branched out with our ALSET LED line of lamps and fixtures. The ideas of safety, convenience, energy, and longevity that made NuWave a success are the same values that ALSET will continue to uphold as well.

Alset LED lamps, troffers, canopies, highbays, T-8 retrofit tubes and downlights continue their commitment to help customers Live Well For Less through their superior heat management, instant-on feature and high efficacy.

Amatis – Wireless IoT lighting controls for Building owners, contractors, and designers

The Amatis system uses the latest in wireless technology, a wireless mesh network, with the ultimate benefits of simplicity and scalability. Robust sensors detect occupancy/vacancy, light level, temperature, and humidity.

Wireless controls are faster to install than wired, and Amatis believes the mesh network to be the simplest wireless approach to design, install, and commission into a commercial space. Devices in the mesh communicate with one another instead of communicating through central hubs. This extends the wireless range of each device, ensuring robust operation, and adapt the wireless communication to the shape and space of your building in a cost effective, and scalable manner.

B.lux – Modern Pendants, Ceiling & Table Lamps, Outdoor Fixtures

Basque manufacturer of modern lighting fixtures including pendant, ceiling lamps, table, floor and outdoor pieces, including architectural products.

Cool-Lite – Commericial LED and Solar Fixtures with Integrated Lighting Controls Sensor

Cool-Lite has an in-depth understanding of your LED lighting needs, going beyond the traditional industry scope. LED lighting solutions for nearly any application. UL and DLC listed products. Most fixtures can be integrated with a lighting controls sensor, such as Enlighted Smart Sensors. This will dramatically reduce setup and maintenance costs. Modern LED fixtures, retrofit kits, and solar lighting options.

ChamSys — Selection of DMX control systems for Entertainment applications

Initially, a group of lighting designers and long time lighting product developers got together to develop a new console that would overcome the limits of traditional consoles. ChamSys is in the unique position of utilising software developers that are themselves lighting designers. This ingrained knowledge has enabled us to develop a console to meet the needs of the end users rather than the software programmers. All ChamSys products are designed in the UK.

Chauvet Professional — Leading developer of luminaires & controllers for Entertainment applications

Chauvet is the thoughtful, forward-looking choice for Lighting Designers, offering a carefully focused selection of products that open new design possibilities and make it easier to complete quality lighting projects. Main applications: concerts, stage and event productions, touring, theaters, hospitality venues, cruise ships, clubs, houses of worship, television and architainment.

DesignLED — Customizable LED Tiles for shelf lighting and other applications for retail and hospitality

DesignLED features unique printed LED Light Tiles that open the door for a whole new generation of lighting products. These tiles are extremely thin, flexible and highly efficient. Other products include integrated shelf and under cabinet lighting. Highly customizable for any application. Perfect for store front locations.

DownlightsAndMore – Commercial & Architectural LED Downlights

Carries an array of downlight fixtures for new install or retrofit applications. Product lines include: Linear Fixtures, Cove & Cabinet, Cylinder, and Surface.

e:cue – Smart lighting control system for retail, hospitality, entertainment, and architecture

e:cue, a smart dynamic light management control system, provides all the tools necessary to control any installation from a small, single room to an entire city. Traxon and e:cue together deliver state-of-the-art dynamic lighting that allows lighting designers to elevate architecture, entertainment, hospitality and retail environments around the world.

Founded almost 20 years ago with a distinct R&D focus in Germany, e:cue is now clearly positioned as an expert for modern lighting control solutions within the internationally leading OSRAM Group. The joint network of highly innovative luminaries, control systems and state-of-the-art control programs creates unique synergies between lighting hardware and software – ready today, fit for tomorrow.

EELP – Emergency and exit fixtures for all applications

EELP was founded in 2004 with a commitment to provide their customers with quality products and prompt shipping at competitive pricing regardless of order size. They have always taken tremendous pride in their customer service mentality. EELP specializes in emergency and exit lighting fixtures, with customization options available on many of their lines. Many of these products can meet ARRA requirements.

eLuminaire – LED Indoor & Outdoor Industrial Fixtures

eLuminaire is a LED luminaire company that focuses on the design and manufacturing of quality LED lighting products. Our goal is to design a high performing product, manufactured to a high standard and deliver it to the customer at a competitive price. eLuminaire designs its fixtures from concept, based upon the most robust and innovative technologies available, through manufacturing at our custom designed and owned facility, and supported locally by our experienced project success organizations.

EOQ Design — Industrial, Slick, & Modern Decorative Fixtures

Based in Hong Kong, is rooted in the spirit of industrial adventure with a commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility using recycled materials in developing high end decorative lighting fixtures that are both accessible and useful.

Focus Industries – Comprehensive outdoor line for architectural and decorative applications

FOCUS is proud to be one of the few dedicated manufacturers of landscape lighting products in the industry. FOCUS offers the largest, most extensive product line — multiple finishes, materials, voltages, light sources and accessories. Just about any exterior application can be completed by FOCUS. With its product line intact, FOCUS continues to offer top notch training, in both English and Spanish, to contractors, specifiers and distributor personnel.

Keeping up with current lamp technology, fixture performance/design, maintenance issues and power delivery systems, FOCUS is dedicated to value engineering, giving our customers the best products at a competitive cost.

Green LED Lighting Solutions — Unique LED solutions for decorative applications

Green LED Lighting Solutions (GLLS) works to provide energy-efficient, environmentally conscious, LED solutions to traditional lighting. GLLS's flagship products, LED Neon Flex, mimic the appearance of traditional neon fixtures! We also supply LED Light Panels and LED Light Boxes for retail and residential use. RoHS and UL certifications.

Goldeneye – Unique Low-profile and Quick-Install LED Lighting Solutions

Airelight™ lighting systems greatly simplify the installation of lighting projects. Most lighting systems are complex, require an assortment of single function light fixtures, have high installation costs and require a high number of spare parts. Fixture-Free Airelight™ luminaires are easy to install, multi-functional, and have low installation costs. Being Fixture-Free, Airelight™ luminaires, surface mounted or embedded, are the ideal choice for down lights, panel lights, ceiling lights, pendants, and under cabinet lighting.

Iluminarc — Wide selection of indoor & outdoor luminaires for Entertainment applications

Iluminarc inspires and empowers architects, designers and system integrators to visually enhance man-made and natural environments through the artistic use of energy efficient lighting. Iluminarc develops viable technologies, luminaires and control systems that solve installation challenges and facilitate the execution, operation and maintenance of remarkable and efficient lighting projects.

Infinilux — Standardized and Quality-Assured Solid State Lighting for Commercial Applications

Infinilux is a company based in Southern California that designs and manufactures Solid State Light Fixtures. Infinilux's primary mission is to create energy efficient Solid State fixtures that will replace costly inefficient traditional lighting. Infinilux partners with Intertek for all of our Third Party UL verification testing, Light Laboratories for our Photometric and Fixture Performance Data and Lighting Facts for test verification for product on the Design Lights Consortium QPL.

Innermost — Designer Fixtures for Interior Applications

Based in London, approaches decorative lighting with a shared pursuit of design freedom. So innermost has both innovation and a little absurdity at its core; working with designers from all corners of the globe to create beautifully "unique" products of the absolute highest quality.

Iron-Horse Systems – Certified Value-Added Reseller for Enlighted® Controls System

Iron-Horse Systems Controls Group is an Enlighted® Platinum level value-added reseller (VAR) with an in-house controls design team to guide your IoT platform design & deployment for maximum energy savings, ASHRAE 90.1-2010/2013/2016 compliance, and the full-functional enabling of the Enlighted® Intelligent Building Apps.

Additionally, Iron-Horse offers Enlighted® equipment supply, project management, and system start-up/turnover services to round out a complete lighting project suite that is available as a whole or in part as needed.

LG – Retrofit downlights, troffers, and controls designed to maximize ROI and incentive eligibility

LG is focused on driving both the profitability and payback of your next retrofit project. They do this by increasing the return on investment with the highest efficiency troffers listed on the DLC. That efficiency pays back both in terms of reduced energy consumption and improved incentive eligibility.

Improving payback is also about reducing first install costs – through easier installation. LG is also focused on protecting your project budget and timeline. They deliver products that meet rigorous quality controls and by using a vertically integrated supply chain.

Lumux – Architectural luminaries

Lumux is a California based company specializing in Architectural Luminaries. The company was founded by an electrical engineer with extensive experience in testing electronic systems & sub-systems in defense & combat related applications. Lumux is dedicated to providing the design and engineering industries with new products and cutting-edge design that utilizes the latest in energy-saving light sources. They are committed to providing an expeditious ordering and delivery system and unprecedented, long term customer satisfaction.

Magnum Energy Solutions – Flexible and Scalable Wireless Products for Building Automation

Adaptable to any environment. No Wires. No Batteries. No Maintenance.

Magnum Energy Solutions is an innovative company sharply focused on designing, developing and manufacturing the most flexible and scalable wireless products for building automation. Their technology platform utilizes no wires and no batteries and spans verticals including hospitality, schools, commercial office, multi-family residential, data centers, retail and refrigeration.

Robust product portfolio does more than just save energy. It helps customers improve productivity, enhance operations and effectively use the data our products deliver to make informed and critical business decisions.

Modo Luce – Decorative Line from Italy - Pendants, Sconces, Exterior (Fabric & Acrylic)

From the charm of fabric to the strength of metal, from Murano blown glass to the universe of plastics, Modo Luce explores the world of materials, processes and forms, with creative freedom and rigour of method. This search path in contemporary time focuses on functionality and lets arise emotions, whilst always creating different and special lighting solutions: at home, at work and in contract spaces, with an exclusively Italian quality.

Nuvo Lighting – Wide Array of Fixture Styles and Lamp Types

Nuvo Lighting was launched in 2005 with more than 1,500 new lighting fixtures – one of the largest catalogs of any manufacturer – and their product line has continued to grow each year. Today they offer more than 3,000 chandeliers, pendants, and sconces – in designs that range from classic to contemporary. From elegant to understated, and from simple to stylish.

Parachilna – Designer Pendant, Ceiling, Wall Sconces, and More

Spanish brand based out of Barcelona, designer and manufacturer of modern looking collections of contemporary lighting, from pendant and ceiling products to wall sconces as well as table and floor lamps.

Patrizia Volpato – Custom Designer Fixtures from Venice

Based in the Venice area, is a handcrafted line with Murano glass and precious crystal representing the key elements in a varied collection ranging from classical to modern styles. The practice of blending the Italian glass crafting tradition with high-tech materials has led to custom creations of large-scale lighting installations. Each piece is a bespoke creation specially designed for its environment. "If you can imagine it, we can make it happen."

Quantalight – Specification-grade Fixtures for Interior and Exterior

In 1987, aiming to provide quality luminaires to builders and distributors in the residential market, D.L. started a small residential lighting company in Texas called Volume International. By 2005 Volume had become one of the largest suppliers in the U.S. of luminaires to the new home builder market. Later the company also began supplying big-box retailers.

This steady growth saw an increased number of sales into the commercial lighting market, especially retail store lighting. QuantaLight is the new division formed specifically to focus on the commercial market. With a team of seasoned lighting professionals, a massive warehouse, and central location, QuantaLight is uniquely positioned to offer high-quality luminaires for your retail and commercial lighting projects.

Satco Products – Wide Array of LED Retrofit Kits and New Install Fixtures

The Satco brand has stood for quality, innovation, and value in lighting products since 1966. Sacco has grown to be a trusted supplied with an unsurpassed reputation for wide selection and service. With one of the industry’s largest R&D programs behind it, Satco develops LED replacement lamps that meet all of the newest efficiency standards – and exceed user expectations for light output, color temperature, beam pattern, diffusion, and overall reliability.

Snowball — DLC and Energy Star Listed LED Fixtures for Indoor and Outdoor Applications

Snowball’s mission is to develop and produce high quality LED lighting products and provide alternative lighting solutions for clients. Their products ensure safety, reliability, and value for all users. Products certified with energy standards: DLC, Energy Star, CE RoHS, Kema Keur and UL certificates. Snowball is accredited to ISO 9001:2008. Products available for architectural, decorative, and indoor/outdoor applications.

Traxon – Dynamic LED solutions, creative lighting projects for both indoor and outdoor environments

Traxon and its e:cue control brand deliver state-of-the-art dynamic lighting that allows lighting designers to elevate architecture, entertainment, hospitality and retail environments around the world.

Sculpt with light to dramatize architectural spaces and elevate interior design. Create a visual dialog with performers to convey fine nuances of emotion. Shape mood and ambiance, perfectly balancing practical and aesthetic concerns. Traxon’s dynamic and architectural solutions provide the tools to ignite your creativity and expand your lighting vocabulary. Traxon is committed to making every project a success through flexible products, a broad offering of services, and hands-on support by technical experts.

Utopia Lighting – Full line of LED products for Commercial, Industrial, & Residential applications

Utopia Lighting provides the most comprehensive line of Commercial, Industrial, and Residential applications in the lighting industry. Utilizing specialized in-house production lines ensure that all products meet a wide range of specifications and are assembled using only the highest quality material. Since its inception in 2005, Utopia Lighting has remained steadfast in its commitment to provide customers with a diverse selection of cost efficient and innovative products.

Versalume – Unique thin fiber lighting with use of laser technology

With a unique shape and size, Versalume’s product offerings allow Lighting Designers to create impressive one-of-a-kind installations. Utilizes flexible fiber for colorful ambient or decorative lighting over long runs. The compact design of Fibrance allows for embedding into confined spaces where traditional lighting elements cannot fit.

Zaneen Architectural

European lighting solutions - Linear Profiles, Precision Downlights and Custom Modular Systems perfect for all interior applications.

Zaneen Design

Trendsetting designs from Europe’s finest industrial designers and artisans, encompassing modern and contemporary solutions.

Zaneen Exterior

European specification grade exterior luminaires; in-ground, façade wall washers, grazers, spots, canopy, floods, bollard/pedestrian, for architecture and landscapes.