Acolyte Installation Gallery

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Paradise City Casino, Incheon, Korea

Products Used – Static White RibbonLyte inside several frosted-lens channel options (AC2, AS1, AS2, and AS3)
Applications – Cove Lighting
Lighting Designer – EON SLD

Paradise City is the first Korean-style resort complex in Northeast Asia combining multi-purpose hospitality and entertainment facilities such as a hotel, casino, convention center, shopping, art gallery, spa, club, carnival and performance theater/center. Acolyte’s RibbonLyte was specified by the designer EON Design. RibbonLyte was used for cove lighting and indirect lighting effects throughout the resort’s casino, hallways, common areas and guest rooms. Almost 5,000 meters of RibbonLyte was used to complete the project.

Kohl’s Showroom, New York, NY

Products Used – Customized BackLyte
Applications – Back Lighting, Dropped Ceiling Lighting
Lighting Design – Shawn Kaufman, CS Global

Acolyte worked with Shawn Kaufman and CS Global to create Customizable BackLyte fixtures during a recent redesign of the Kohl’s showroom in New York City. Specific dimensions and sizes were necessary to highlight intricate ceiling details and wardrobe display showcases. Customizable BackLyte was installed along the tops and sides of display insets to bring life to the designer collections.


ConEdison Office, New York, NY

Products Used – Static White Classic RibbonLyte, Square Lens Linear
Applications –  Cove Lighting, Under Cabinet
Lighting Design – Acolyte LED

The Consolidated Edison Company Building, designed by Henry J. Hardenbergh, was built between 1910 and 1914 in New York City. To highlight this classic lobby area, Acolyte’s Square Lens Linear fixtures in neutral white at 4000k were used to splash light up the lobby walls. Acolyte’s white Ribbonlyte at 2400K was used for the underneath side of the reception desk as well as the toe kick.

Conway Baptist Health Lobby and Chapel, Conway, Arkansas

Products Used – 4.4W Static White RibbonLyte
Applications –  Hospital and Assisted Living Lighting
Lighting Design – Bernhard TME

Acolyte’s 4.4W RibbonLyte 4100K was chosen to create both functional and artistic lighting patterns of light creatively integrated into the architectural elements. The hospital’s lighting is designed to promote patient comfort by creating a soothing environment to calm patient fears and ease tension. Lighting Designer Bernhard TME received the 2nd place Illumination Award from the Illuminating Engineers Society (IES) Little Rock Section for the Conway Baptist Health Lobby and Chapel Lighting design.