The Lighting Guys. 250 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10003 telephone: 212 432 4500 Hey, we are The Lighting Guys, and yes, some of our faces might be new, but in no uncertain terms are we. We have been in the Lighting industry for more years than we can count and we have experience coming out of the wazzoooo. We have strategically partnered our company to bring our customers good service, response, competency, and what we think most importantly, getting the project done on time and within budget. Take a Look at the impressive partnerships we bring to the table! Acolyte, Enlightened, Zaneen, Paraflex, EELP, Lunera, Occu-smart, Greenrg, Texas Fluorescents, Wagner, Luma Vue, Lumux, Hemera, Killark, Lumi-Solair.
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